About me

My name is Michele Smith, and I live in sunny Yeppoon, a seaside town in Central Queensland, with my husband and children.

I am studying to fulfil a lifelong dream of becoming a librarian.   Since beginning my studies, I have found out that the traditional notions I had of libraries and librarians are not the reality. Technology, particularly the rise of the internet and the World Wide Web, has brought great change to libraries and to librarian’s roles.  Some see the changes negatively, and prophesy the end of libraries and librarians, however, many look at the opportunities such changes bring, and shift focus to providing new services to meet changing community needs.

Libraries may now be seen more as vibrant community spaces, offering a multitude of engaging and educational programs and services, rather than simply being quiet book repositories.  Librarians may still be the experts at meeting the community’s needs for information and recreational reading, but these needs may now be fulfilled in a variety of formats alongside hardcopy books and journals, such as online databases and journals, ebooks and audiobooks, or online newspapers and magazines.

I love libraries, no matter what form they take.  Libraries are special places, where you can get lost in imagined worlds, find the information you need, borrow that new music CD or movie you really wanted to see, use a computer or the internet, attend a recreational or educational program, and make community connections.  All you need is a library card.

How do you feel about libraries? Leave a comment below.


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